finding a learning pace in young ones

finding a learning pace in young ones

3 Ways To Prepare Your Child Mentally & Emotionally To Attend Preschool

Côme Arnaud

If your child will be attending preschool for the first time this fall, you can help prepare your child for preschool this summer. With the right preparation, your child will be excited to start school this fall.

1. Visit the School

Many preschools will allow you to visit the preschool before your child starts school in the fall. They may have an open house or allow new students to schedule one-on-one tours or visit in small groups.

If your child's preschool has a program like this, make sure that you take advantage of it. Visiting the preschool can allow your child to envision a real place when you talk about going to school. Visiting can help your child feel familiar and comfortable with their potential new surroundings.

When you visit the preschool, take some pictures so that you can refer back to the pictures when you talk about the preschool. Take a picture of the cubby and coat area, the tables, the different play centers, the carpet area, the bathroom, and the playground.

2. Talk about Going to School

Next, start talking to your child about attending school. Inject it into your everyday conversation. Talk about how in the fall, after you get up and get ready, you are going to get in the car to go to school. Ask your child how they feel about going to school.

Don't force the conversation, but add talking about preschool into your natural discourse. This can help make the idea of school familiar to your child.

3. Read Books About Going to School

Pick up some books at the library about going to school for the first time or about attending preschool. Read these books with your child during your normal reading time. As you read the book, allow your child to ask questions. After you read the book, ask your child what they thought about the book. Remember; it takes young children multiple read-throughs to fully digest information; it is good to read the same book to your child multiple times. Multiple read-throughs will help deepen your child's understanding of the story. You can even compare the pictures you took of your child's preschool to the pictures of the school in the book. You and your child can talk about the ways that their preschool is the same and the ways that it will be different.

If your child will be attending preschool for the first time this fall, you can help your child prepare mentally and emotionally by visiting the preschool, talking about going to school in your day-to-day conversation, and reading books about going to school. For more information, contact your local preschool programs.


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finding a learning pace in young ones

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