finding a learning pace in young ones

finding a learning pace in young ones

What Are The Advantages Of Attending A Defensive Driving School Before Getting Your License?

Côme Arnaud

Getting a driver's license is an exciting experience for many people. Often, new drivers are taught how to drive well enough to obtain their license by family members and then they may learn more as they begin to experience driving on their own. However, some drivers prefer to take classes at a defensive driving school. These are some of the benefits that defensive driving schools have to offer.

Professional Instructors 

Defensive driving schools are taught by professional driving instructors that have been trained to teach students how to drive properly. Students are taught about all aspects of driving legally, including the rules of the road and driving laws that must be followed.

In fact, these instructors do not send students to take their driving test until they are confident that they can pass the test properly. Whether the student needs to take a long term course or only needs to practice a few of the steps of driving, the instructors make sure students are fully prepared for the test. Therefore, attending a driving school increases the chances that a student will pass the test on the first try.

Better Driving Skills 

Those who attend defensive driving school normally have much better driving skills than those who have not. Driving school graduates often are better able to maneuver in and out of traffic, react more quickly to unexpected stops and can drive more defensively to decrease the possibility that an auto accident will occur.

Driving school students are taught the importance of being respectful to other drivers and pedestrians while behind the wheel. Attending driving school may also help give drivers more confidence when driving so that nervousness and anxiety does not occur.

Discounted Auto Insurance 

Many states also give drivers a discount on the cost of their auto insurance if they have successfully completed a course at a defensive driving school. This can be especially beneficial for younger, first time drivers as they are often charged expensive insurance premiums due to inexperience behind the wheel. The amount of the discount may vary according to the state the student resides in, but is commonly a predetermined percentage of the total cost of automobile insurance.

Defensive driving school is also beneficial to those who already have their drivers license. If a driver is found guilty of a traffic violation, this may lead to points being added to the person's driving record and the cost of insurance may increase. However, completing a course in driving school normally removes the points so that insurance costs do not increase.


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