finding a learning pace in young ones

finding a learning pace in young ones

Smart Tips For Passing Your Driver's Permit Test On Your First Try

Côme Arnaud

There is nothing more exciting than getting your driver's permit. You finally get to slide behind the wheel and prepare to get your license. However, there is nothing more disappointing than failing the test to receive the permit. Make sure you are prepared so you can walk away from the test happy and with a permit in your hand. Here are some tips for passing your permit test on your first try.

Don't Cram at the Last Minute

You might think that the best way to study is to go over all the material the night before the test. It's always a good idea to do a refresher the night before, but don't wait until then to start studying. If you wait until the last minute, you'll end up exhausted and unable to focus when it's time to take your test. Plus, everything you learn quickly will store to your short-term memory, making it easy to forget once your test is finished. Study a little every day so you can commit the driving laws to long-term memory and be the best driver you can be.

Read the Handbook

Every state has a DMV handbook. The book has everything you need to know in order to pass your permit and license test. Make sure you read the book from cover to cover so you can recall information from the book when you need to. Highlight information that you have trouble remembering so you can go back to it easily and study. If you're ready to study but don't have time to swing by the DMV, you can download your handbook online. Just click here, choose your state, and download the manual.

Take Practice Exams

They say practice makes perfect, so make sure you practice as much as possible. A practice exam will allow you to practice the test as much as you need to before the big day. You will get a good idea about what will be on the test, learn correct answers, and know what you need to study. There is a website for free DMV practice tests, and you can take them as many times as you need to without charge. You can find a practice test in your state for your learner's permit and your driver's license.

Relieve Anxiety

Test anxiety is a major reason why people do poorly on tests. Test anxiety can come in different forms for people. Some people will find themselves having difficulty breathing and an increased heart rate. Other people will completely shut down when it comes down to test taking. Text anxiety can come in the form of just completely forgetting everything you spent time studying. This can come as a major obstacle when it's time to take your permit test. You need to find ways to lower your test anxiety so you can do better on your test. One way is to make sure you're confident going in. Study until you know the information inside and out. If the issues are severe, you might want to speak to your doctor about an anxiety medication that you can take.

Take Driver's Education

Driver's education courses are the best way to learn the rules of the road. A certified instructor will teach you everything you need to know about driving, and you can walk away from the classes more confident than ever. When you go to driver's education, you will be in a classroom with other driving students. After a specific amount of classroom time, your instructor will schedule you for in-vehicle lessons, so you can learn hands-on driving in a professional and comfortable setting.

Obtaining your driving permit is a huge milestone in your life. Follow these tips so you can pass your test on your first try and enjoy your time behind the wheel. For more information, check out sites like or contact local driving schools. 


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